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The Best Time To Plant Shrubs On Your Newington, VA Property

Northern Virginia homeowners looking for a quick update to their landscaping should consider planting shrubs. Since most shrubs grow faster than people typically expect, Leesburg, VA property owners will see immediate results and a dramatic impact.

When planted properly and provided with the necessary care, shrubs will quickly establish themselves as part of the natural landscape and reach maturity within five years. After shrubs reach maturity on your Fairfax Station, VA property, they require minimal maintenance and care.

The best time to plant shrubs is the spring or fall since the cool, moist soil is perfect for shrubs to grow and establish a root system before winter frost and summer heat arrives. When planted at the appropriate times, shrubs will develop deep roots that are better able to withstand damage from extreme temperatures, pests or diseases.

When first planted, a shrub needs extra attention as it establishes itself in your Clifton, VA landscape. Compost or peat moss should be combined and worked through the soil when you plant the shrub to provide the best growing conditions for the shrub. Also important is the amount of water provided to the shrub, and the amount of water provided should be monitored carefully. The soil should be moist and for added protection, consider adding at least two inches of mulch around the base of the shrub once it is planted. The mulch provides extra protection for the roots, as well as helping to retain moisture and prevent weed growth that will leech nutrients from the surrounding soil.

Planting shrubs at your Herndon, VA home is a relatively easy way to improve the appearance of the property while also adding vegetation to your home. For more information on planting shrubs, or for assistance with choosing the right combination of plants and shrubs for your Mount Vernon, VA home, contact the landscaping experts at Lost Creek Landscapes. Serving all of Northern Virginia since 1997, Lost Creek Landscapes is Northern Virginia's landscaping experts.