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For the Best Results Match Your Landscaping With the Style of Your Northern Virginia Home

Choosing the right combinations of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees for your Northern Virginia landscaping project should go beyond just what you like. While selecting vegetation that appeals to your visually is important, you also should consider what types of plantings actually coordinate with your home and compliment the design.

Victorian-inspired homes suggest feelings of beauty, romance and nostalgia. These characteristics are not typically associated with a cactus or other prickly plants. To create the look and feel you are shooting for focus your attention on shades of red, pink and purple. Commonly used plants include roses, azaleas, holly, lilac and hydrangea.

Colonial homes traditionally are adorned with formally designed landscape projects based on years of cultivation. Flowers chosen should include edible varieties such as daisies and carnations, since these were planted in the colonial time for medicinal purposes. Also consider more than just the flowers by incorporating topiary pieces throughout the landscape. Several varieties of plants compliment topiary such as holly, yew, lavender, rosemary and boxwood. Another idea to consider is to use shrubs to create a specific design, such as mazes, initials or figures, as this practice too was common in colonial times.

While the flowers, plants, trees and shrubs of your landscape are all vital, what about adding other accessories as well. Find a nook between trees or bushes for an appropriately styled bench, or use terra-cotta pots with lavender to create the feel of the Mediterranean. The options are limitless when it comes to adding decorative touches to your Northern Virginia landscape.

Lost Creek Landscapes has served all of the Northern Virginia area since 1997. Fully licensed and insured in Washington, DC, Virginia and Maryland, Lost Creek Landscapes can help create the perfect flower garden and landscape for your home. For more information on how to create the look and feel you want, contact the professionals at Lost Creek Landscapes today.