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Bring Life To Your Northern Virginia Pond or Water Feature

Does your Northern Virginia home have an existing water feature or pond? Now is the perfect time to turn that water feature or pond into the perfect focal point. In some cases, homeowners may acquire a pond or water feature when they move into a home. In other cases the pond or water feature may be a project that was started but never finished. Whatever the case, Lost Creek Landscapes has the tips for you to bring life to your landscape.

Ponds and water features can easily be turned into a water garden. This can be done through the addition of floating plants and aquatic life. Water lilies are a perfect example of a floating plant. There are over 21 species in the water lily family. Whatever the style or personality of your Northern Virginia property may be, a water lily can match it. Shallow water plants and underwater plants are also an option.

Adding fish is also a great way to bring life to your pond or water feature. When choosing pond or water feature fish there are typically two options: goldfish or koi. In the goldfish and koi family there are a slew of variations that come in different shapes and sizes. Over time you may also notice your pond or water feature attracting tadpoles and frogs. This is perfectly normal. With the addition of plant and aquatic life, your pond or water feature will be well on its way to becoming its other self-sufficient eco-system.