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Extending Spring Cleanup to Your Northern Virginia Property

When homeowners think of spring cleaning the image of a garage, basement, or attic come to mind. Very few Northern Virginians even consider spring cleaning to extend into the outdoor environment. Truth be told, early spring is the best time to tend to certain areas of your property. If tended to properly they can set the mood, progress, and success of your landscaping projects. In anticipation of a beautiful spring, Lost Creek Landscapes has put together an article concerning outdoor spring cleaning.

Throughout Chantilly, Manassas, Oakton, and Potomac Falls, Virginia the staff at Lost Creek Landscapes has heard residents comment on how brutal this past winter weather has been. The cold weather combined with the precipitation has done some damage to all properties throughout Northern Virginia.

The first step to a beautiful spring landscape should be to remove the clutter from your property. Winter winds have certainly scattered dead leaves and branches throughout your property. Gather the scraps and put them off to the side. Leaves and branches can be chopped up to create great mulch for your spring garden and flowerbeds. Next it is important to cut tree branches that have overgrown and to shape shrubs. For leaves or branches that look like they may be dead go ahead and remove them.

Next it is important to aerate the soil of your property. Due to the winter weather much of the nutrients in your soil have retreated below the earth's surface. If you plan on aerating your lawn, Lost Creek Landscapes offers professional aerating services. If you plan on just aerating a small portion of property for a garden this can be done by using a hoe and some good old fashion elbow grease. Make sure that all of the weeds have been removed first.

Finally, map out your landscaping plans. It is easy to get ahead (or behind) yourself when dealing with home landscaping. Placing markers in the ground will help you organize your space and map out designated areas. Tags are also good when it comes to designating locations for certain plants. For those homeowners who may have gotten ahead (or behind) themselves, Lost Creek Landscapes offers complete professional landscape design services. Our staff is focused on providing superior customer service. Let our design team make the property of your dreams and reality.