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Rejuvenating Your Home Garden: Decorating Tips

There is no better way to complement your Northern Virginia home than to add an herb or vegetable garden. Whether you live in Annandale, VA; Manassas, VA; Mount Vernon VA; or Warrenton, VA a garden will add practicality and aesthetic appeal to your home. If you are looking to breath new life into your existing garden, Lost Creek Landscapes has some suggestions.


The best way to give your garden a new look is to add some stone pavers either leading to your garden or through your garden inviting guests to venture into your garden from your patio. Pavers are not only good for decoration but can serve a practical purpose as well. You may prefer to choose materials that match your patio or to use different materials to add contrast. For example, a carefully matched brick walkway to extend seamlessly from a brick patio, or concrete pavers or flagstones to add contrast. Separating certain plants or vegetables can be done by mapping out walkways with strategically placed stone. While you or your admirers stroll through the garden a logical path will provided to deter any wanderers and prevent your plants from being stepped on.

Garden Ornaments

In recent years, the garden scene has witnessed the reemergence of gazing balls. The origins of the gazing ball date back to the 13th century Europe. The English were said to have kept gazing balls in their gardens to ward off evil. Each gazing ball has the ability to bring the owner great health and prosperity. Gazing balls come in a variety of colors/finishes and serve as a unique focal point in your garden.

Garden Furniture

The best compliment to a Northern Virginia garden is a cedar bench. With the warmer months quickly approaching, a cedar bench offers you a front row seat to your personal sanctuary. Read a book, chat with a friend, and observe the wildlife while comfortably seated on a cedar bench. Cedar is extremely durable. It has the ability to last through all types of weather conditions and is impenetrable to termites and other critters.

Lost Creek Landscapes specializes in the building of custom stacked stone garden urns and planters. If you have an idea for your landscape, please consult one of our designers to discuss the many options we can use to make your idea become a reality.