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How to Augment Your Centreville, Potomac, or Woodbridge Landscape with Stone Walls

Stone walls are a wonderful addition to any landscape, thanks to their versatility, function, and beauty. Rock landscaping is a great way to achieve a look of natural elegance in any yard, as well as to add a structural element to complement your softscape or plantings.

Stone walls can serve as a way to set a property boundary, line an area of your yard for a specific purpose, such as lounging, or serve as bench seating. Hillside slope retaining walls can be disguised with a stone wall, or the wall can even act as natural planters by nestling flowers and cascading vines in between the rocks. Stone walls add texture to your landscape, and can be anything ranging from a focal point to a way to soften the edges of a butterfly or vegetable garden. Waterfalls can run out of stone walls into a pool or pond below.

For more ideas on incorporating stone walls and other hardscaping into your Newington, Oakton, or Mount Vernon landscape, contact Northern Virginia's Lost Creek Landscapes. Hardscape and landscape experts, Lost Creek Landscapes is fully licensed and insured throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC.